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Bunny Lessons

Meditation and Reflection
with Bunny

Tuesday, December 1, 2009, our dear Bunny left this world for the next. She ate a bag of her favorite treats then quickly, peacefully passed from this world in the embrace of our love and the love her Heavenly Father.  We will see her again in God’s good time.  While I do not anticipate any new  “Bunny Lessons,”  we plan to maintain the archive of  Bunny Lessons here at this website and, of course, her  “Bunny Lessons” Booklet is available as well.  Bunny (Cinnabun Sugar) is healthy, whole, and enjoying the blessings of a life free from pain and discomfort.  We miss her. We press forward in faith and love;  always in all ways  GOD IS GOOD!

Blessings, peace, grace, &  LOVE,      Link


Bunny Lesson



(A Bunny Lesson)

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Bunny is usually shy around other dogs.  She often “hides” behind me to watch them from a safe distance.  While she will occasionally play a bit with another dog, her friends know that what she likes best is to simply sit still with a friend nearby.  Bun likes a little distance, her own personal space, then simply keep quiet company.  Most of us, myself certainly included, never learn this gentle means of expressing love, care, and support.  We think we must have something to say.  We think we need to offer advice, suggestions, comments or observations.  We think we must do something when all the situation might call for is for us to simply be present; all we might really need to do is to “be still.”  Some folks need a little space; they might need to stand off a bit or even watch from a little distance.  However, the space they might need does NOT indicate a desire to be alone, but rather a desire for a more gentle, quiet expression of our concern.  What some folks want is our presence (NOT our words or actions).  Sometimes we might just be still, be quiet, and be present.  Bunny would advise us to “don’t just say something sit there!.”  GOD IS GOOD!  

Blessings, peace, grace, & LOVE,   Link


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